About VHP: The Vinyasa Homes Project


The Vinyasa Homes Project envisions its future as a vibrant network of loving, connected communities which empower members to come together in collaboration because we believe living in communities which resonate with gratitude, co-creation, and collective ownership will allow us all to lead more loving, fulfilling lives.


By being mindful, and practicing our Community PACTS + Gratitude, we agree that we can more authentically live.  By more authentically living, we can more truly express ourselves – in order to build, connect and sustain communities in which members co-create spaces, relationships, and ideas that resonate with gratitude – for the benefit of living in community.

Community PACTS + Gratitude

These Community PACTS + Gratitude guide and inform our vision, mission, and grandest dreams.  These are the foundations upon which our communities are built and you are invited to build them with us.  These values are baked-in to the core of our communities, built-in from the ground up, perpetually assessed and reinforced.  As such, they give structure and standards to which we hold ourselves, individually and collectively, accountable.


At first glance, community seems easily defined, while it is really anything but.  More than simple geography, common ancestry, heritage, and customs, we believe community is about coming together with common goals.  We are continually shaping and being shaped by our networks of communities.  We seek to build and strengthen communities which align with our core values:  PACTS + Gratitude, in order to build a network of love.

P: Presence & Participation

These PACTS are the foundation for greater things.  By being mindful and practicing these values, we believe we can more authentically live and truly express ourselves.  This requires both presence, which is being here and now, and participation, which is contributing to and living in the present.  We want you to be your fullest self by living, and giving, in community.

A: Awesomeness

What does it mean to be awesome?  We see it as being authentic.  Everyone is awesome, just like everyone is beautiful.  So when you live authentically – and you live and love with intention – you connect to your inner awesome, resonate your truth, and find yourself sharing that awesome-sauce with others.

C: Collaboration

Collaboration is our shared agreement to co-create communities that resonate with love.  We encourage one another to go beyond simply surviving, we seek to see ourselves thrive.  By jumping up when another needs help, by sitting and making space to receive another’s thoughts and intentions, by accepting and returning love and compassion – which are available in abundance when living in community – we allow ourselves, our neighbors, and our community to rise to our true potential:  an inherently collaborative, social being.

T: Transformative Experiences

Life is an adventure, full of challenges and opportunities.  We strive to continually transform and reaffirm ourselves and our communities, through creating and hosting physical, emotional, and spiritual spaces that foster both individual and collective growth.

S: Sustainability

Sustainability is a multifaceted paradigm, in which we seek to balance ecological, economic, and cultural sustainability.  We strive to build a model for communities of today and tomorrow by understanding how our actions play a role in the delicate balance of our ecosystems.  Through harnessing the power of networks and collectives to increase collective impact while driving down personal cost, yet valuing long-term success over short-term gains, we strive to support community systems which sustain themselves and our communities as well.  And by encouraging self-identification and the expression of connection and belonging, we strive to build communities that grow from within and between themselves for a fuller, more robust network of communities now and tomorrow.

+ Gratitude

Gratitude is our highest value.  Upon the foundations of our Community PACTS, we strive to ascend to the highest value, which is more than gratitude in a traditional sense.  We see how the practice of gratitude yields happiness and contentment, while other meditation shows that acceptance – which is actually just gratitude for something as it is – is the embodiment of true love.  Within this understanding, we think practicing gratitude leads to both happiness as well as love, which is both the foundation for, and the highest expression of our communities.

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